Can of Coke, Israel 1985 (2)Welcome to My World of Coke.

As a teen, not knowing anything about advertising or product branding, I took a summer trip to Israel. While there, I got a Coca Cola, and was amazed with how the logo, while in Hebrew, was clearly identifiable as what it was, a coke.  The lines flowed together and it looked just like the English logo.  I kept a can as a souvenir when I went home. You can see more of this can here.

Since then, as friends and family have traveled around, they have brought my cans and bottles from around the world. While I love them, since they are much more exciting than a postcard, I love even more the stories and adventures that go with each one of then.

This site servers as a location for me to share my collection,

Please enjoy your visit.  I’d love to hear from you.

p.s. These are not going up in any particular order.  It’s a matter of what I have pictures of already, what’s within reach, and what’s on the shelf that I need a ladder for.

p.p.s Want more? Visit our other site, GoneSomewhere.com for all of our adventures.


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