Bermuda, 2005 – Plastic Bottle from a cruise

When we lived in Seattle, I worked at Premera Blue Cross for a few years  as a business analyst, learning all about HIPAA, writing and reading requirements, and how to work with people when multiple teams and companies are

Bermuda 2005 plastic bottle

involved with a project.  Overall, it was a good job on a good team.

One of my co-workers was Rhonda.  She was a total rocker from the eighties.  She’d often come in with tales like “last night I went to see Quiet Riot” or some other band that we had thought had long since faded away.  It was a blast reliving the good ol’ days with her…I was hoping she’d let me know when Iron Maiden was in town, but I don’t think they ever showed up.

At one point in 2005, she went on a cruise through the Caribbean, and went to show in Bermuda.  While there, she picked up this plastic bottle for me.

I like the catch-phrase, Made in Bermuda By Bermudians.

The calorie information seems about the same as anything here in the states.


Ingredients and nutritional information
Close up of label

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