Bulgaria, 2009 – Bottle from Bubbie’s folk dancing trip

In the spring of 2009, my grandmother went on a folk dancing tour in Bulgaria.  While I was never sure if she was doing Bulgarian folk dancing, or some other folk dancing in Bulgaria, I know she had a great time.

The tour itself was a couple of weeks, and she had a blast.  She was very excited that she went, and talked about what a great time it was.

While there, she got me a Coke bottle, and brought it back.  However, it took until December of 2012 to get the bottle, because either one of us kept forgetting she had it when we saw each other (which wasn’t that often, since we live on opposite coasts, but that’s besides the point).

It was worth the wait. I love the design on it. The sparkles and stars (er, flowers as someone likes to keep pointing out to me) coming out of the bottle really give it some pizzazz.

Bulgarian bottle of Coca Cola-Full Shot

Head-on shot of the label, Bulgarian bottle of Coca Cola

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