Germany, 1996 – Bottle when friends lived in Germany

Germany 1996 (1)
Our close friends, the Wilson’s, are teachers for the Department of Defense. This means they get assigned to military bases around the world, and teach the dependents of the soldiers stationed there.  What an opportunity!  They’ve always lived off base, and gotten to know the locals, speak the language, eat stuff we’d never touch here, and all the wGlass Coke bottle from Germany, 1996onderful things that go with living abroad.

In various places they’ve been, they’ve been thoughtful enough to send me bottles.  When I first met them, they had been in Germany for a number of years. One of the first ones they gave me was this glass bottle from Germany.

The bottle is actually clear, but the flash from the camera gives it a cool metallic look.

One interesting thing, to me, is you can see how these bottles get cleaned and re-used, and build up a “ring” around the middle from packing. I think it gives them character, and I can wonder what they’ve been through and who’s drank from them. (I’m sure this particular one was from some famous rocker…like Nena, the 99 Red Balloons lady.)

 Germany 1996 (2)

No old world nutritional information is available on this bottle.



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