Latvia, 2001 – Plastic Bottle from Vil’s trip to evict squatters

I worked for The Boeing Company back in the day, down in the spare parts division across the street from Sea-Tac airport. While we never got free flights around the world, they did offer free ground school to anyone who wanted to learn to fly. I never took them up on it, but sometimes wish I had.

Anyhow, one of my first mentors in my job there was Vil.  He was retired from the army, and working through his second career at Boeing.  He always had a smile on his face, and was covered in cat hair. His cat loved sleeping on his laptop bag.  Well, he retired from Boeing in 2001, a few months after I left, and moved to back to his family property in Latvia.

About 6 months before he retired, he had to go back home to get the homestead in shape for him moving there, and as he put it “get rid of the squatters”.  I don’t know why, probably because I knew almost nothing about Latvia at the time, this always brought up images of Dacula and Transylvania to mind.  Could be that Vil just liked garlic, and so that made me think of Vampires.

Before he went, I mentioned my Coca Cola collection to him, and he brought me back a bottle. It was my first plastic bottle in the collection, and I still like it and think of Vil when I look at it.  I wonder if he ever  got rid of the squatters…

Latvia 2001 (3)

Latvia 2001 (1)

Latvia Coca Cola Bottle ingredients
Latvia plastic bottle 2001


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