United State, 2013 – 2 Liter Glass Bottle From an Antique Shop in Alabama

Road trips are only fun when you take the scenic route. At least that is our philosophy. Taking the longer route along the small highways and byways gives us the opportunity to see small towns and interesting sites.

Robin's Nest store in Slocomb, AlabamaOn a trip to Florida (April 2013), we passed through Slocomb, Alabama. We passed a small antique shop, The Robin’s Nest, with very interesting items sitting out front, so we decided to stop. Inside this unassuming little shop, we found amazing pieces of furniture, old tools – even an old horse-drawn carriage (minus the horse).

Of course, I was immediately drawn to the coke bottles from a nearby bottling plant that had closed down. On a shelf in the back, they also had coke memorabilia and special coke bottles with Alabama connections (Crimson Tide bottles, etc.). But, the bottle that caught my eye was the one towering over all the other bottles like Mt. Everest over the Himalayas. It was something we’d never seen before: A 2 liter (67.6 Oz) glass bottle.

I showed it to my wife, and then started putting it back on the shelf. She said, “Why don’t you get it? It is interesting, and would be a fun addition to your collection.” I spent a few minutes debating, but then decided that the bottle was unique enough that I couldn’t pass it up.

2 Liter glass coca-cola bottle 2013We did a little searching on the web, and this is what we found:

The two liter glass bottles were made from 1977-1978, just before the plastic bottles came out.

These glass bottles, when knocked from a shelf 6-8 inches high (i.e. the bottle shelf in a store), could be dangerous. Because the bottle is under pressure, if it fell on a “sweet spot”  (right where the glass starts to taper), the glass would shatter and the top of the bottle could fly 10-30 feet.

Because of the danger, the bottles were removed from shelves and sent for destruction. They were quickly replaced by the first generation of plastic 2-liter bottles.

(Note: This is unverified information that I pieced together from a variety of online sources. One source said that Coca Cola denies the story.)

The Robin’s Nest was a lovely place, and the owners were very nice. We spent a while chatting with them about antiques, Coke bottles and family. If you find yourself driving through Slocomb, AL, we recommend stopping in and taking a look around.

An old Coca-Cola sign in Slocomb, Alabama

An old Coca-Cola sign was across the street.

Empty 2 liter (67.6 oz) bottle of coca-cola from the late 1970's

Here is the other side of the bottle, showing 67.6 ounces


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