Mexico, 2013 – Plastic Bottle from a business trip

Our friend Firoz works for a global company.  As such, he travels around to far off, exotic places in the name of business.  Having recently realized that I collect certain objects from such exotic locations as he may be traveling too, he got me this bottle from the far away land of Mexico. It came via spouse express, without too much description and back story, so there is definitely an air of mystery about it.

While it’s kind of hard to see, both in hand, and in the picture below, the bottle has the Coca Cola logo embossed on it. Maybe one day I’ll do a charcoal rubbing of it to make some fancy artwork from it. Then again, maybe not…


Mexico 2013 (2) Mexico 2013 (3)

Nutritional information where from Mexico, where they use real sugar and not high-fructose corn syrup:

600 ml bottle: 252 KCal, 119mg Sodium (Sodio), 0g Saturated Fat (Grasas Saturadas), 63g Sugar (Azocares)


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