Nepal, 1998 – Found in a snow drift near Katmandu

Coke Nepal 1998 side 1

In 1998, on a long dreamed of trip of a lifetime, Jeff took his mother trekking through the Himalaya’s. While hiking near Katmandu, they found this bottle in a snow drift and picked it up for me.

This has long been one of my absolute favorites for a number of reasons:

  • Nepal…that’s about as exotic as you can get, I don’t think I need to say anything else.
  • Spending time with your mother (or other family members) on such a trip – awesome.
  • Jeff lived in Germany at the time. So this bottle really has been around the world…or least on 3 continents on its trip to my house.

As you can probably guess, this bottle is empty.

Coke Nepal 1998 side 2

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