United States, 1995 – Super Bowl XXIX Commemorative Gold Bottle

My friend and coworker Robb L was cleaning out his basement one day, and he found this. Knowing I collected Coca Cola bottles, he brought it in for us to put up in the office.  When we moved offices a year later, he gave it to me, since as he put it: “You have a collection, I don’t”.

As for the game, it was the Chargers versus the 49ers  For the fans out there, they probably know all about it, and for everyone else, it’s out there on the internet.

Well Robb, you may not collect these, but I know you have a collection of something or another down in your basement.

Gold Super Bowl XXIX Coca Cola Bottle 1995 Highlighting XXIX Gold Super Bowl XXIX Coca Cola Bottle 1995 straight on view

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