Israel, 1985 – The can that started it all

Coke Israel 1985In the summer of 1985, I went on a 7 week trip to Israel.

The trip was amazing. We traveled from the tip of the Negrev down in Eliot (a stone’s throw from Egypt) all the way up into the Golan Heights (a [different] stone’s throw from Jordan).

  • We visited parts of the West Bank that I don’t think you can get to anymore.
  • Climbed Masada for a sunrise service before going for a swim in the dead sea (where it’s impossible to sink).
  • Bargained for trinkets in the Arab quarter of the old city of Jerusalem.
  • Toured any historic site you could think of, and then more. (The Western Wall, Bethlehem, The Dome of the Rock, Sefad, and many more.)
  • We wept at Yad Vashem, and partied at night clubs in Tel Aviv.
  • We even went snorkeling in the Red Sea while in Eilat.

While all of those a great memories I carry with me. I made one unexpected discovery that set me on an unexpected path: I got myself a Coca Cola. My intent was merely to quench my thirst, but after looking at it, I was amazed that the logo, while in Hebrew, was clearly identifiable. There was no question is was a Coca Cola. The lines flowed together and it looked just like the English logo.

That discovery led me to keep the can as a souvenir.

Almost 30 years later, I still have that can.  It’s been smashed, dented and shaken up, but it is still full – and one of my all-time favorites.

It is the inspiration for the collection I am sharing with you on these pages. I have collected a few more cans and bottles on my own travels, but many have come from family and friends… and no matter the language, there is no doubt that each is a Coca Cola bottle.

Can of Coke, Israel 1985

The bottom is a little beaten up, so it doesn’t sit straight.

Can of Coke, Israel 1985 (2)

The top is a little beaten up also.

These photos are on Flickr.  Click on the picture to be taken there to see other comments and larger versions.


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