Thailand, 2013 – Glass Bottle from a trip to furnish a condo

My friend Ken W has grand plans for the rest of his life. Included somewhere in those plans is retiring to Thailand, where he can enjoy a laid back life on the beach with his wife. To help this happen, they bought a condo there last year. This year, they took a trip to go furnish the condo, so they’d actually have a bed, chairs, and a place to sit while they enjoy the laid back life.
Never being one to be shy, I shamelessly asked them to bring me back something.

They graciously obliged, and brought back a full bottle of coke.

Thai Coca Cola 2013 bottle

This was in 2013.  However, looking at the bottle, you’ll see the copyright notice is from 2002.  This bottle’s been used a few times! I thought the bottle cap was pretty cool too.

Thai Copyright notice from 2002  Thai Coca Cola 2013 bottleCoca Cola bottlecap from thailand 2013

Here are a few pictures for the trip. This is a fishing boat on the beach, not far from their condo. The view across the bay is from the condo, and lastly, the elephant was from the highway. I’m not sure what it is, but if I saw a giant elephant, I’d take a picture too.

Beach in Khao Tao  Beach with fishing boatA giant elephant shaped building

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