United States, 2006 – Empty Bottle from Georgia

Our family moved to Georgia in 2006. In those first months, while out riding my bike one day, I found an old, empty Coke bottle on the side of the trail I was on. It was half buried in leaves, and had obviously been there a while.

Atlanta random bottle 2006At the time, I wasn’t particularly interested in picking up bottles from around the US, but something about this one struck me as special, so I grabbed it to add to the collection. For lack of anywhere else to put it, I bungied it to the rack on the back of the bike, and continued on my ride. I must have looked like quite a site, bouncing along trails, hollering and avoiding trees at near break-neck speeds, all with an empty bottle strapped to my back!

There are a couple interesting things about this bottle:

1. It has a green tint.  My understanding is that only old (pre 1956) bottles have this.  While I think this bottle is old, I don’t think it’s that old.

2. Looking at the stamp on the bottom, it was made in Portland, Oregon.  That’s a bottling plant that’s a long way away from Atlanta.

3. It’s a 10 fluid ounce bottle, implying it was made before 1992.

Bottom of bottle from 1996 showing Portland bottling

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