United States, 2012 – Aluminum Bottles from Robb’s basement

Another set of bottles given to me by Robb L.  He had a couple of these lying around that he thought were interesting.

I first saw these aluminum coke bottles at some of the upscale, boutique eateries around Atlanta sometime in 2011, but I don’t really know when they came to market. It was at least as far back as 2007, which is the date on these bottles.

Places like gourmet dessert stores, such as GiGi’s cupcakes, which is where I first saw them.

While I didn’t pay them much mind when I saw them behind the counter, but to be honest, I was looking at cupcakes, when I had them in my hand they were pretty cool.  They have a nice heft and feel to them, and I know I don’t need to worry about dropping them.  I bet they kept their cola nicely chilled too.

Aluminum Coca Cola and Diet Coke Bottles Aluminum Coca Cola and Diet Coke Bottles


  1. hello there.
    Have you got idea ,where i can get a aluminum coke bottles in USA by trade please?

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